Go-Go Chrome Extension!

**Update 3/24/2014 – Check out these amazing resources from JR Ginex-Orinion- I became obsessed with the Tab Glue and Tab Scissor extensions after seeing him present!** In the past year I have found myself migrating from using Firefox Mozilla to Chrome. I use my GoogleDrive so much, it seems to just make sense. Even more…

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Fakebook, Fake Tweet, Fake SMS & More

Yesterday, a high school teacher (Thank you Brianna!) shared with me Classtools.net  and my brain started going crazy with all the applications it makes possible. I know many teachers use Word templates for students to create “Facebook” pages as part of characterization or research mini assignments, but with this website you can do even more! Not…

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My CUE Guest Blog

I  recently had an awesome opportunity to  write a guest blog for CUE about being a TOSA/instructional coach. If you aren’t already reading the CUE blog, I would suggest starting since there is so much great information available for all teachers there. Check out my post, and read around! Enjoy.