I came across this awesome Google App recently, and although it came out last year, it is new to me! It is called and just in the first few clicks of using it, I fell in love with the possibilities. Think of the times either you watched a video and struggled switching between pausing the video and taking notes, or assigned a video for your students to watch as homework and didn’t feel that their notes met your expectations. Well, this not only eliminates all of those issues, but saves the entire process in your GoogleDrive automatically.



It is really as easy as copy and pasting the URL of the video you want to watch into the search bar on the left of the app, and then pressing the play button. The great thing it it supports many online video options such as Coursera, Khan Academy, Vimeo, YouTube, and edX. As it plays, you can take notes on the right which are automatically saved in a folder in your Google Drive. The notes are also timed in yellow corresponding to the time of the video. If you wanted to go back and review a section of notes you took at a certain time and re-watch the video segment, just click on the yellow note time, and it will jump the video to that synchronized spot. These can also be exported to your Evernote. On the upper left the video speed can also be adjusted to match your note-taking speed. Imagine flipping your classroom, having the students take notes, and then reviewing them, and then sharing them with you just like they would a GoogleDoc! They could ask questions, insert images or screenshots from the video, and you could see if they go through the entire video by the time-stamp notes all from one app. can be downloaded as an app in the Chrome Webstore or you can sign-up directly from their website.