App (Hulk) Smash!

The new iPad buzz term is “app smashing” which basically implies using multiple apps to create a variety of content and then “smashing” it all together as one file to, ideally, publish. Last week I attended the iPad Summit in San Diego put on by EdTechTeacher (a great resource if you don’t already use it). For me, one of the most powerful sessions was with Greg Kulowiec where he showcased some amazing app smashing ideas. Here is a link to some of his examples. I really liked the idea of using a couple different apps to create a final book or movie project that had different layers embedded within it.  Although there were many apps shared during the conference, I really look away some powerful inspiration from the following five (click on the image to buy the app or go to the website):

Tellagami Tellagami– Create animated, personalized, and voice recorded avatar . I could see this being awesome for kids to use as an on-screen narrator smashed into iMovie.             
1 BookCreator– Make free iBooks where you can embed video or images created through other apps.
2 Ask3– Collaborate with your students on a flip teaching video, reading passage, or image. They can leave voice or video comments/questions using a group code.
3 StoryMe– Create storyboards or comic strips using this app. I could see these being exported into iMovie and then use in a movie trailer.
4 KinderTown– Easily find recommended apps for ages 3-8. This was created by a teacher and is really useful for finding apps for primary students.

A good thing to remember also, is that the app suite of iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) is now free if you get a new iPad as well as iMovie and Garage Band! So awesome. If you are interested in knowing more about the iPad Summit, here is a link to my notes. Sorry for my shorthand if it is difficult to understand. If nothing else, there are some great links to helpful sites and app ideas. What app smashing are you or your students doing? Leave some ideas in the comments below.

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