Go-Go Chrome Extension!

**Update 3/24/2014 – Check out these amazing resources from JR Ginex-Orinion- I became obsessed with the Tab Glue and Tab Scissor extensions after seeing him present!**

In the past year I have found myself migrating from using Firefox Mozilla to Chrome. I use my GoogleDrive so much, it seems to just make sense. Even more recently, I have fallen in love with some great add-on Chrome extensions, free from the Google Chrome Web Store.  There are 5 that I thought would be helpful to share out to teachers for easy web-browsing and simple shortcuts. In order to apply the free extensions to your browser for use, search for the names below in the web store, and click on free sample to install it. Once installed, you will see the icon appear in the upper right hand corner of your Chrome browser next to the address bar. This is now a shortcut to that extension. Click on it to perform the needed task.

ShortenMe– Easy and automatic short-link and QR Code Generator. No more copy and pasting into Click on the extension and it will automatically create a short-link and QR code for the site you are currently viewing.

1-Click Timer -Need to set a class timer or a timer for internet use? Use 1 Click Timer by clicking the extension icon, selecting the amount of time and let it go. It will automatically count down for you and flash when you are below the 1 minute mark. You can continue working and it will minimize into the icon showing a small countdown. You know your time is up when you hear a pleasant Spanish guitar solo.

Screen Capture (By Google)– Instead of using the PrtScrn button on your keyboard and having to edit the image, install this extension to grab a page region or entire window easily. It will open its own editing window to allow for text annotations, highlighting, and even saving or sharing.

Save to Google Drive– Want to save the the website you are using to your GoogleDrive as an image to use or refer to later? Use Save to Google Drive to do so. It will automatically title the image as well. Make sure you are logged into your Google Drive through Chrome for this to work best.

Readability– Sometimes there is just too much content on a webpage or blog when you are trying to read something. I have found that a quick and easy way to eliminate that is this extension. Use Readibility to view only the content you want to read without the fluff. The nice thing is you can bookmark items or even save it direct to your Kindle. It would also make things easier to print without having to copy, paste, and delete the content you didn’t want on the screen.

What Chrome extensions are you using that you like? Comment below!





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