The Whiteboard In Your Hand

I have found that a variety of apps allow for teachers and students to write and record lessons for projects or modified flip teaching, but once I started testing them out I realized that really only a handful worked for me. A fellow middle school teacher has been using these apps in concert with other apps and GoogleDrive to “app-smash” documents, projects, and recorded lessons; making the best of his iPad. My favorites are Educreations (free & includes a web version), Explain Everything ($2.99), ShowMe (free & includes a web version), and Doceri (free, but desktop version is $30). All allow for recording, all have the ability to import PDF and annotate and all have the ability to share or export the final product, while each offer a little something different. Teachers have found that ShowMe and Educreations are best for student use, while Explain Everything and Doceri are best for teacher use. I find that these apps are most effective when using AppleTV or Airserver so that they can be shared-out to the class or even in live collaboration. However, apps like AirSketch allow you to link and share the whiteboard feature from any computer on the same network using a defined server address given on the app. It worked pretty well, but the free app has limited functionality and it is $9.99 for the full version. Feel free to check out the short presentation I used for the training here if you’d like some links to find out more about each of the apps and how to use them- What whiteboard app is working best in your classroom?


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