Gone Google

Well, it’s official, I’ve “Gone Google” with Google Story Builder, and I can’t get enough. It is quick, easy, free, and soooo creative. Basically, it creates a real-time animation where the creator can add and name up to 10 participants. Then, you write your story with different actions that add or delete from what is typed on the fake GoogleDoc. Once the document is named and completed, you can even add from a small selection of background music tracks. If you aren’t comfortable with using their real first names, you could either have them make one up or use a title like Student 1 and Student 2. The only negative I see is that you can’t embed or download the video, although it does offer a short link to the video that you could bookmark. Google has created some hilarious video examples of what is possible with the builder, and I think this would be so fun to use in the classroom. Imagine how it could work with students in creating models or projects for effective word choice, collaborating together, teaching anti-bullying language, or creating story starters and unit hooks.  . Here is one I played with creating yesterday!  http://goo.gl/xaIHvQ So, how have you “Gone Google?”

2 thoughts on “Gone Google

  1. Alan Simsovic

    Nice Tool. We will introduce this to our Media Techs in 2014.

  2. Alyssa

    This is great. I love your demo! Thanks for all the valuable tools and resources!

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