In recent months I have realized that there are many teachers out there that have really made a name for themselves and done an amazing job sharing their best practices and experiences with the educational community. I have deemed these people “celeducators;” famous educators whom I admire and feel inspired by regularly. Many are Google Certified, innovative ed tech ambassadors, keynote speakers around the country, and are still in the classroom! I know for many of us, time is of the essence, so I have included just a few links to blogs or videos of celeducators I feel are worthy of your time (even though they are a million I could list!). These teachers are host a wealth of resources and have integrated technology (and shared how to do it) in ways I hope to achieve someday. It is time to expand your professional learning network (PLN), so check out their websites and follow them on Twitter! Leave a comment or link with the name of someone who inspires  YOU to be a better teacher!

Catlin Tucker (English)- http://catlintucker.com/

Ramsey Masullam (Science)- http://www.cyclesoflearning.com/posts.html

Alice Keeler (Math)-http://www.alicekeeler.com/teachertech/

Alice Chen (English)-http://wondertechedu.blogspot.com/

The Bedley Bros (Elementary)-https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc695sWmPGpwf7y-9rfc1Yv7xM09YTr9p



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