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Do you ever just want to show one section of a YouTube video but get annoyed setting the time marker to start and end where you want? Well, TubeChop is your solution. While up at Fall CUE last month, one of the presenters used it and I immediately saw the possibilities and power of using it in the classroom. I also, unfortunately, started remembering of all the clips I attempted to time just right so it played only what I wanted my students to see. What is that old saying, frustration is the mother of invention? Lucky for us, TubeChop is free and very easy to use! First, copy the link of the YouTube you want to “chop,” then paste it in the URL box on TubeChop and click Search. It will locate your video and now you can edit it. Using the timing markers, drag the pink timeline (or set the time manually in the timing box above the line)  to start and end at the exact second you desire. Click ChopIt when finished, and now you will see a link to share the chopped video, and the original version. Again, when using this in the classroom be sure to video mute your projector and put your video into full screen before showing it to students. You will see that comments and suggestions still sometimes show up on TubeChop. Although it doesn’t save your chopped video, you can save the link to it in your favorites to come back to at any time. I made a quick sample one below from a longer compilation of America’s Funniest Home Videos. I am sure you can imagine what happens next… I could see this easily used to practice prediction or a starter writing prompt even.


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  1. Alyssa

    This is a great resource! Thank you for sharing!

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