Tweet This, #That

I first started using my Twitter account in 2010 as a personal social media connection to friends and family.  I soon lost interest, and left it to collect dust in the twittersphere. After attending CUE13, I saw the real power of Twitter for educators, and decided to brush off my old account and hit refresh. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive to start again and confused on how to follow the right tweeps. Enter a fellow educator in my district (shout out to @TASfair, Scott Bedley) and in no time I was following people, people were following me, and I had started developing my Professional Learning Network (PLN). I would say at this time, Twitter is a necessary and rich connection for improving my knowledge, resources, and ideas.

Want to get started expanding your PLN? Check out my start-up tutorial here, and feel free to send me, @serenapmckinney,  your first tweet!

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