Responsible Use Policies. Don’t just check the box and sign.

Acceptable… Appropriate (now with digital citizenship we are not just being acceptable, we are RESPONSIBLE users) Responsible Use Policies have been around for a long time. You know, the one you never read but check that you have when you install iTunes…ya, that one. The important thing though, especially with BYOD pilot programs, is making sure you are keeping your students accountable for their use of the technology. It isn’t just about following the rules anymore, it’s about modeling good behavior and appropriate conduct in anything from online collaboration to using the camera on an iPad. Below is a collection of RUPs, many of which sites in IUSD have used (a couple are from itunesU), that you are welcome to customize for your school or classroom. A few pieces of advice before you start going crazy with these in Word though:

1) Talk with your principal and site TACs first.

2) Work with your LANAdmin on BYOD infrastructure.

3) Teach, model, and reflect about responsible use. Don’t just have them check the box, sign it, never to be looked at again…a la iTunes.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you have used these in the classroom to develop stronger 21st century digital citizens.

BYOD Agreement update-SVMS

IUSD AUP Tech Resources

IUSD IPad Responsible Use Agreement

EDMODO_Code Of Conduct

Plaza Vista- Electronic Reader Policy

Google Drive RUP

Student Consent and Release Form IUSD

SVMS Teacher iPad Responsible Use Policy

Equipment Loan Form_Sample

School Social Media Policy CTAP.pdf

St Joseph Responsible Use Policy

Copy of West Hills BYOD AUP

VCMS iPad Technology RUP (Responsible)

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