QR Codes Please

QR is short for Quick Response. These pixellated bar codes are everywhere these days from grocery stores to concerts. Using your smartphone to scan things at stores, tells you where you can buy it, and compares prices easily. However, take that a few steps further and imagine using that same idea in your classroom. All of a sudden kids are all over the room scanning QR codes you generated and accessing images, videos, Google Docs, and websites you’ve recommended and linked to them. I know many teachers even use these codes in their classroom to check out SSR books, keep a bathroom log, or take roll. Interested in getting started? Use the tutorial below and then leave a comment on how you used the QR codes in your classroom.

Using QR Codes

6 thoughts on “QR Codes Please

  1. John

    Great blog. Really useful and practical information. Thanks!!

    • Serena McKinney

      Thanks John! Feel free to share and keep reading. Let me know if there is something you’d like to see on here too. 🙂

      • Kim Patrick

        Hi Serena. I used them for back to school night for my presentations and have one posted in my room for National History Day deadlines and progres checks.

        • Serena McKinney

          Perfect! I like the use of progress check.

  2. Denise

    I like the idea of using it for bathroom log, but exactly how would that work?

    • Serena McKinney

      Each kid has a QR code they use to scan in and out. Could be a link to a Google spreadsheet keeping track of names and scan times.

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