Today I stumbled upon a fabulous find! It’s called Cacoo and it is pretty amazing. Cacoo is a free online collaboration service for diagrams, mind maps, and graphic organizers. Start by creating a free account. I linked mine to my Google Account, which made the log-in process even easier. Once you have an account, work through the “Get Started” tab to get a feel for what they offer. You can see in the screen shot below, full editing capacity in terms of font, color and text, a freehand tool, a chat feature, and even the ability to draw your own diagram using shapes and lines if the tons of templates aren’t  just  right. Share the diagram and work in real-time collaboration with others much like you would in a Googledoc. When finished the diagram can be exported into many different forms, including a share-able link. It even has the ability to create shared folders and be able to work on multiple documents with multiple people. Imagine the possibilities with your students working on a project, brainstorming, or organizing together. This is another great opportunity to take your technology integration from substitution to modification, or even redefinition depending on how you share the information. Interested in more about the SAMR model? Click here. Try out Cacoo by clicking on the image below!

cacoo cacoo2

One thought on “Cacoo-doodle-doo!

  1. Melinda Glowacki

    I love this resource. Thanks!

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