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Last week I attended the Apple Distinguished Educators presentation on “Enhancing Teaching and Learning Across the Curriculum.”  Subtext ($free) and Creative Book Builders ($3.99 but worth it) were two new apps  that caught my eye, but the show-stoppers for me were the non-fiction archive sites they shared. There are so many opportunities for teachers to add non-fiction into their daily lessons, especially with the expectation of literacy across the subject areas that CCSS call for now. However, that also makes looking for reading level and age appropriate material difficult, while also asking for it to be short and high interest. I found the following websites to be like ordering your favorite Starbucks drink; made to order for the individual (and of course, Common Core aligned).

logo-betaSign- up for a free account and you can set up classes with access codes to give your students. Then they will be able to access and read “assigned” articles from the website.  Notice that articles have grade levels, and anchor standards attached to them. 2013-09-23_133941When inside an article students will be able to change the lexile level immediately, using the blue reader bar on the right. Some articles even  have built in quizzes based on the anchor standard that are automatically graded for you! Play around in it and comment below on how you used it!  Click here for a step-by-step tutorial. 

2013-09-23_135056  Sign up for a free K-12  educators account and start browsing. In my opinion, although you can create student lists, this would be more of a site from which I print/share on Edmodo.  You can search by topic easily, and choose the one right for your lesson. When in the educator account, you will see access to Common Core materials and most articles have built in quizzes for reading comprehension and other literacy skills.


2013-09-23_135528 Sign-up for a free K-8 educators account and browse the thousands of lessons, activities, and units for those discrete reading skills, as well as comprehension, novel application, and leveled passage practice. Lessons and documents (with Science and Social Science cross-over) are in PDF or editable Word files for you to download, save, print and apply.


So, grab your favorite Starbucks drink, take a few minutes to go click-crazy in these sites. Let me know in the comments below how you feel about using them in your classroom!


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