Padlet with Purpose

I recently shared Padlet with BTSA Lead Support Providers as a way to communicate, discuss, and collaborate with their cohorts. Even more recently, a few teachers from Sierra Vista Middle School took it to the next level, using it in their classrooms. Mrs. Ralston (see picture below) and Mrs. Patrick used Padlet with iPads to have students post responses, linked it to Edmodo, and even gave individual feedback to students via that same Padlet. Other teachers have even used this as a way to easily set-up, save, and manipulate seating charts with easy printing for subs. I know many of you are using it as well, and I’d love to hear how in the comments below. The possibilities are endless. Remember though, according to the SAMR Model I posted about earlier,  to be most effective, the use of Padlet needs to reach further than just substituting paper for website.  If you want more inspiration, check out the Padlet from Susan Stetler of MBUSD here. Watch the how-to video I created below, create one of your own, and feel free to use this sample Padlet I set up as a practice board (you can’t break it!).

2013-09-24_130856             photo 4



2 thoughts on “Padlet with Purpose

  1. Julie Hendrickson

    Nicely done. On comment: The video was fuzzy and hard to read, but the explanation was very clear and easy to follow!

    • Serena McKinney

      I appreciate the feedback. I’ll try to see if I can improve the video quality. Thanks for reading!

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