Mirror, Mirror on My Classroom Wall

I love mirroring my iPad in the classroom becuase it makes me mobile and allows sharing and modeling between students like never before. Apple TV ($100) can be a great way to show what you are doing on your iPad, or use it as a mobile document camera, through your projector. However, it is also expensive and takes some effort to set up. Another solution, is a software program called AirServer that you can easily download. Talk to your Principal and LANAmin before installing it, and how to pay for a license. It ranges anywhere from $3.99-$15.00 (ummm awe$me, my lucrative teaching career can afford me this classroom luxury!) Once it is downloaded you can quickly mirror your iPad using the directions below. The nice thing is, it opens the mirroring  in a window you can control and move between on your computer (just make sure your iPad is on the same network as your computer). Setting a password and re-naming your computer through the AirServer settings is very important to protect the integrity of the use. Download a free trial and test it out!

Easy Set-Up Instructions

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