If it’s on the internet, it has to be true!

It is so easy to believe things on the internet now because we have become so comfortable with it being a quick source of information. Maybe that old phrase “don’t believe everything you read” needs to make a comeback. For example if you pulled up an article from The Onion.com, would your students question the satirical tone? Do they think that Wikipedia.com (albeit a good starting place) is the best site to have in their Works Cited? Encouraging our students to think about having a keen eye when using the internet has become our responsibility. We need to teach them to be digitally literate. If you are interested in where to start, see the link to a lesson I did in my class last year. It encouraged discussion between my 8th graders that was so rich, and drastically improved their research writing because they questioned the credibility of what they read.

Digital Literacy Lesson

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