Edmodo Quick Guide for Students

If you are new to using Edmodo as your online classroom communication environment, or you want to re-train your students as we start a new school year, this is a great 2 page quick start document to use. Training your students on how to effectively, safely, and appropriately use an online forum is such an important part of their growth as a digital citizen. You will see the citizenship pledge at the bottom of page one, which can serve as a great teachable moment. You may have some confusion and questions the first night of use, but with experience the students become adept at using Edmodo as a great collaboration and connection tool linking the classroom and home.

Shout-out to Northwood High School’s Jeannie Loso for creating the original version of this document, and allowing me to make some changes for all-purpose use. You rock Jeannie!

Click here to save or print the document- Edmodo Student How-To

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